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 Milk Fish, Tilapia, Trevally, Emperors, Spanish Ma Saudi Fisheries Company 2018/01/12 08:48:20
Contact name: Mr Wasef Sawalha <wasef.sawalha@saudi-fisheries.com>
.Saudi Fisheries Company
Contact: Mr Wasef Sawalha
Tel +966 501 051 797
Fax +966 1 1405 6298
Email wasef.sawalha@saudi-fisheries.com
Website http://www.saudi-fisheries.com

Saudi fisheries company is the biggest importer and exporter of all kind of sea foods all over the world. Strength of the company is wide logistics and storage facility with our own shrimp farms in the southern coast of red sea. Running with a huge network of sales and distribution across the globe. Looking to the companies dealing in sea foods from all over the world with the facilities what we are looking for in sea foods standard products.

Saudi Fisheries Company ( SFC ) was established in (1981) as a joint stock company. It is established with a fully paid capital of USD 142.7 million, where 40% is contributed by the government and the remaining 60% is raised from the Saudi private sectors.

The company was established to develop investment opportunities in fishing on Saudi Arabia’s territorial waters and other international waters , as well as Aquaculture, Manufacturing, Marketing local sea foods, Import and Export.

Since 1981, the company has established a strong base in fishing industry in the Kingdom, including fishing fleet, shrimp & Fish farms Aquaculture in the seawater & sweet water , aquarium fish , processing plants and cold stores, and its chain of retail shops spread throughout the Kingdom .

The company’s commitment to complete the requirements and controls which has to be followed in presenting the products to the confidence of the buying consumers. These products are under the trade mark of Alasmak, a popular brand and widely accepted both locally and globally.

Now, Saudi Fisheries Company is one of the leading companies in the integrated global marine product producers it has been contributing an active role in supporting the Kingdom’s national economy and had raised the quality of seafood products. The company is focusing towards a future of a remarkable success in terms of leadership in domestic and global markets.

Fresh Product:
Emperor, Groupers, Spanish Mackerel, Breams, Mullet, Snappers, Trevally, Najil, Tilapia, Shrimps.

Frozen Product:
Milk Fish, Tilapia, Trevally, Emperors, Spanish Mackerel, Cat Fish, Grey Mullets, Rohu Gutted, Salmon Atlantic, White Pomfrets, Black Pomfrets, Pangasius Fillets, Nile Perch Fillets, Alaskan Pollock Fillets, Sea-Shrimps, Farm Shrimps , Shrimps P/D and P/D Tail-On, Warm Water Rock Lobster, Cold Water Rock Lobster, Lobster Tails, Sand Lobster, Rohu, Squids Whole and Cleaned.

Value Added Product:
Fish Fingers, Fish Sticks, Fish Burgers, Fish Nuggets, Breaded Crispy Shrimps, Tempura

canned tuna with oil, water and chili

Brand Names:
Al Asmak

ISO 22000

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