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 Ice Machines, Cold storage, Blast Freezers, Mobile ThermoDesign 2017/11/14 07:50:57
Contact name: Tom Ryan <info@thermodesign.com.au>
.Contact Name Mr Tom Ryan
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Tel +61 (0)3 9725 0825
Email info@thermodesign.com.au
Website http://www.thermodesign.com.au/

World Class Manufacturer of Ice Flake machines for freshwater & seawater applications.
We have perfected the ice block making process to combine power saving, efficiency, and low cost in our designs.

Our Automated Ice storage systems, with weighing, and dispensing options, combined with remote control ice Plant operation.

Our mobile Containerized Blast Freezers / Chillers are a portable, container type freezing tunnel.

Ice Machines
Ice Machines that are able to match both your needed amount and required Quality

Flake Ice Machine (Fresh Water)
Flake Ice Machine (Sea Water)
Container Type Flake Ice Machines
Block Ice Machines
Mobile Block Ice Machines (Press Type)
Mobile Block Ice Machines (Brine Type)
Tube Ice Machines
Ice Silos
Ice Compactor
Ice Packing Unit
Flake Ice Drums (Fresh Water)
Flake Ice Drums (Sea Water)

Cooling Systems
Cold storage, Blast freezers, Mobile Shops and refrigeration units of various capacities.

Industrial Type Cold Depots
Containerized Cold Storages
Mobile Blast Freezer
Mobile Butcher And Fisheries Stores
Mobile Hospital
Cooling Units
Blast Chiller
Sea Water Chiller Unit
Concrete Cooling Water Chillers
Pvc Strip Curtains
Sandwich Panels
Cold Storage Doors
Water Dispenser

VISIT OUR WEBSITE: http://www.thermodesign.com.au/

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